We Have Teaching Surfing Lessons Down to a Science

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Learn to Surf / Bodyboard / Stand Up Boogie / Skim / Paddleboard Surfing from the best watermen to ever come from the East Coast of the United States.

The world renowned Wave Riding School has all your Surf Lessons and other forms of riding waves covered.  We offer a one of a kind system in learning to surf that maximizes SUCCESS and ensures FUN.  After all, fun is the ultimate goal! CALL 443-203-WAVE (9283) for details and book online TODAY.

Brian Stoehr and Colin Herlihy are two of the best known wave riders in the country and have traveled all over the globe competing on a world level.  They are now focusing their expertise on helping the next generation of wave riders, YOU.  Whether you are young or old, whether you have never touched the ocean, if you are trying to figure out those tricks of the trade or you are an advanced rider looking to further your career, our team is here to help.

Our lessons offer a complete how-to in your choice or surfing, bodyboarding, skim, stand up boogie and even paddle surfing.  Everything you want to know, and in the RIGHT order.  This is the key to our success.  Many people learn to surf the wrong way and that greatly affects their ability in the water long term.  Our approach to teaching makes the experience easier than you ever imaged and more memorable than you can believe.  The fun starts NOW.

All lessons are $85 and last 1.5 hrs (8:30am-10am or 5:30pm-7pm) – CUSTOMIZED TIMES AND PROGRAMS MAY DIFFER.  CALL FOR DETAILS.  Please note for ALL lessons, ocean conditions are ever changing and lessons can be postponed at any time.

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