What you will learn as a beginner

  • Complete surfing instruction in the correct order to ensure success and fun.
  • Information on ocean conditions (this item is worth its weight in gold and if followed correctly can keep you safe in the ocean your whole life).
  • Surf etiquette.
  • Information on types of boards and assistance in making sure you are riding the right type of board for you.
  • Wave selection and assistance catching waves.
  • How to fall properly to minimize any injury.
  • Creating a safe surf environment for yourself and others.
  • The importance of keeping our oceans and beaches clean.
  • Where to position yourself on the board (key factor in beginner, intermediate and advanced lesson).
  • How to pop up on the board properly.

What is included

  • The highest quality Surf Instruction available.
  • Soft foam surfboards.
  • A gift from our supporters (while supplies last).
  • Crossing off SURFING from your bucket list.
  • Watching a loved one have the time of their life.
  • The memory of a lifetime and new found understanding and appreciation of the ocean.

Additional Information

  • You are welcome to bring your own board but we do recommend that you use the advice of the instructor.
  • We teach any level of surfer! If you are a beginner surfing for the first time or an advanced surfer looking to improve your skills, we can help.
  • You must bring a bathing suit, towel, and any clothing you think will be needed to stay warm during and after your surf lesson.
  • Our first priority is safety. If there is any concern about dangerous ocean conditions, we may decide the lesson is unsafe and cancel the lesson. Our instructors may not be able to make these decisions until the morning of the lesson. This is for your safety. Regardless of wave conditions the ocean always has a mind of its own and lessons are always at your own risk.  If you feel that you are not capable of the physical activity, we do not recommend participating.
  • We will not cancel lessons due to rain alone (we will get wet regardless). Any lightning however will cause cancellation of lessons.
  • If you have a larger group please contact us as we can accommodate larger groups or parties.
  • Camps are open to all ages.