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We have developed a system that solves the problem of making a sport (surfing) that many think is so difficult into something easy and fun. We have perfected our process, which caters to each individuals particular needs and we invited you to take advantage of what we have developed.

Our Business model is simple:

The BEST team of instructors

– Our instructors are simply the best team of watermen available in the region. Brian Stoehr has won 2 US National titles and has been teaching surfing lessons for over 20 years. He has created a team of the best wave riders AND teachers in the area.  It is a model that is unmatched.

Customize equipment

– We have designed our boards specifically to teach you how to surf.  Whether you are new to the sport or having trouble mastering the craft, our equipment can be critical helping you meet your goals. We have invested into top of the line / custom made boards that shave years off the learning process and allow you to learn to surf the right way and maximize the FUN.

Customer Service

– We strive to exceeded expectations when it comes to our customer service. The more comfortable our clients are and the fewer questions regarding the process, the more FUN they have. Our science for teaching starts with our customer service.

Wave Knowledge

– Leaning from a professional athlete within a field is something very few businesses in any sport can offer and we are fortunate to be one of those businesses. This is a trait that very few schools can offer and the Wave Riding School takes great pride in that fact. Our team is incredibly knowledgeable and trained by the best. We have truly designed a scientific process when in comes to learning to surf.

Don’t take our word for it, look at what others have to say:

“This place is amazing!”

Daniel H.


June 09,2021

This place is amazing! As someone that has never surfed before, I wasn’t really sure what to expect during the lesson. Everyone was really nice and friendly. Each “group” consisted of one on one instruction. Each of the instructors were extremely helpful and made sure to teach all the foundational skills when it comes to surfing. It was well worth the cost and would highly recommend coming here for anyone that is new to surfing.

“I cannot say thank you enough!!”


Williamsport, Maryland

August 26,2017

My 15 year old daughter has been talking about learning to surf for as long as I can remember so for her birthday this was it. We made a reservation with Brian, planned a trip to OC and one very nervous mom handed her child to Graham. Wow, these very professional, kind, and patient gentlemen went above and beyond to make her dream come true and my nerves disappeared! I cannot say thank you enough!! If you are on the fence for yourself or your child.. worry no more, these are your knights on surf boards!

“Had A Blast!”

Suzanne L.


August 15,2017

Thank you so much for giving Delaney her 1st surfing lesson!! She had a blast!! She said that was better than our family trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico this summer ( a whole lot cheaper too!!) Anyway, just wanted to thank you both. We will definitely be calling to schedule another lesson as soon as we get back down!

“First-ever surf lesson”

Sarah G.

Arlington, Virginia

November 10,2014

My boyfriend and I took our first-ever surf lesson with Brian this past weekend and it was awesome! He was a really great instructor: he’s obviously really knowledgeable, but he’s also really encouraging, and makes you feel comfortable from your very first try standing up. Before even getting in the water , he gave us safety tips about the ocean in general that definitely made me feel less nervous. His way of teaching makes it really easy to surf basic waves – both of us stood up on every single wave, despite our lack of experience. Brian gave us both a great deal of individual attention and instruction, and left us with many tips to prepare us for trying surfing on our own. We tried surfing on our own in the afternoon, and it was much harder without Brian there to help us choose and time the waves.

I highly recommend getting a lesson from him regardless your age or skill level! He’s great at teaching the basics, knows a ton about the advanced techniques, and can show anyone a grand ole time out there. I’m even going to take my dad (60) to Brian for a lesson next time he’s in town because he literally makes it seem that easy.

“Lesson over Memorial Day”

Jessica D.

Gaithersburg, Maryland

June 01,2015

I took a lesson over the Memorial Day weekend with Justin and had a great experience. I had been surfing as a kid but probably haven’t been out in something like 20 years. I was able to make a reservation the same day and everyone was really friendly and helpful from start to finish.

Justin is a great instructor– after some basics, we got in the water and he had me standing up on my very first wave. (Wipe out techniques are really important, too!) He has a great eye for picking waves and timing everything and made the entire experience really enjoyable. He helped me get to a point where I wasn’t just standing up on a board, but staying up for a good ride.

When I get back out to Ocean City next time, I’m definitely going to give these guys a call again– I’d love to spend more time riding waves with some expert help!

If you’re thinking about taking surf lessons for whatever reason, check these guys out– you won’t regret it.

“Highlight of my vacation”

Jess R

Fenwick Island, Delaware

September 09,2014

Hands down the best thing I did on vacation. These guys are the real deal. The made it so easy and fun. I can’t speak high enough about it.

“A day at the winter-ish beach”



April 01,2015

I wanted to take a lesson to practice surfing and to get the experience of a winter surf session. Brian was extremely responsive when I contacted his surf school and gave honest and helpful insight into picking a good day to go in terms of the conditions and the weather. He was up front and clear about pricing and what he hoped to accomplish and work on at the lesson. I was a bit intimidated by the cold (40 degree water) but he had the right wetsuit for me and a great board to practice surfing and work on specific things, which enabled me to avoid spending much time falling off or getting hit by waves so that i could maximize my time in the water by staying warm. He had lots of great insights and advice and surfing in the cold water totally exceeded my expectations and I intend to go do it again!

“Highlight of our Vacatiom”


Aberdeen, Maryland

April 02,2015

What a great lesson! A definite must do while your in Ocean City. We had an early morning lesson with Brian for my 11 year old daughter whom was born with a physical disability. The neurologist told us she may never learn to walk. But that wasn’t so much the case for her. Her determination has proved all of her doctors wrong and this summer with your gentle teaching and help and she fell in love with SURFING. Her smile and confidence carried her through the rest of our vacation. Thank you for opening Wave Riding Surf School and being such an AWESOME human being. Can’t wait to see ya during Summer 2015.

“Yes you can surf in OC!”

Stephanie S

Annapolis, Maryland

October 19,2014

My husband and I took a lesson with Brian a few weeks ago. I had been “surfing” in California and have taken lessons in Hawaii twice and have never got it down. As a Maryland native who has been visiting Ocean City since birth, I never considered our waves surfable. During our lesson with Brian I spent more time actually riding waves (in Ocean City!) and having fun than I did in either Hawaii or California, two places renown for their surfing. Brian’s instruction was superb. I could tell from the beginning he was simply passionate for wave riding and showing others just how fun it is. He really breaks it down, makes you feel comfortable, and he taught us in a way that we could continue to improve and enjoy surfing even after the lesson was over. My Hawaiian surf lesson experiences can’t even come close to being this good! I will definitely recommend the Wave Riding School to anyone I know who wants to give surfing in OC a try, I know they will not be disappointed!