Wave Riding Foundation

Our Wave Riding Foundation is set up to work with individuals and organizations to use the positive surfing lifestyle and the success of our professional wave riding athletes to introduce our sport, build confidence in life, use our achievements to motivate, and finally, to use our positive role model basis to help others in need. The goal is to help and our background has proven successful. Wave Riding Foundation is not solely based on activities in the water, but more to better quality of life.

Wave Riding Foundation offers coaching, mentoring, speaking engagements and personal meet & greets to lift spirits and offer a new outlook.

The sport itself has been so great to me and has blessed me in so many ways. I have seen the impact the sport can make on people of all types and this foundation is a way for me to give back.” – Brian Stoehr, 2x US Professional Bodyboard Tour Champion

The purpose of the Wave Riding Foundation is to assist in bettering ones quality of life by sharing the joys of the sport – ultimately finding a new meaning for your life. It’s amazing what can be done if we take the time to share the blessings we have received and the lifestyle we have created.

The mission of the Wave Riding Foundation is simple. To GIVE. We give in unique ways that depend on the direct circumstance. We know that each person in need is really in need of a unique gift to alter their life for the better.

For more information on the Wave Riding Foundation please contact us at 443-497-0900 or email brianstoehrbodyboarding@gmail.com

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