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Surf Camps versus Surf Lessons?gourp of young teens and kids participating in Wave Riding School surf camp

“Do you offer Surf Camps?” is a common question that Wave Riding School in Ocean City, MD is asked frequently. The answer is simple, YES!

When it comes to surfing, a 1:1 or 1:2 “Student to Instructor” ratio is the only way to participate in the activity of surfing, especially for younger students.

If this were any other sport without a “moving surface”, aka the Ocean, we could have more of a group setting for participants. When it comes to surfing, a more individual approach is the only way to do it.

With that approach, our Camps (OR) Lessons are offered 7 days a week with 2 time options all season long. This simply allows us to offer enough instructors for the students participating. You can choose to participate on a single day or multiple days. Each session is $85 and you pick the number of days. Once in the water, the sessions are a camp like setting with one big difference. We have Instructors assigned to directly to your group which makes for a much better experience.

Does Wave Riding School offer longer sessions?

We have found that with a large majority of our participants, the 1.5 hour session is MORE than adequate as people are worn out after the session. In Ocean City, Maryland we are also limited to certain times to be able to surf during the summer months (before 10am and after 5:30pm). If additional time is something that you are looking to add on for a camper, we have options of Bodyboarding and Paddle Boarding directly following surfing sessions.

All of these options can be selected on the Registration page here.

If you are registering multiple people, you can use one single registration. You must register each day separately when registering for multiple days.

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We look forward to seeing you in the water!

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