HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT: This release bars your right to recover damages in the event of an incident causing injury to you and or your minor child as a result of attending and or participating in the K-Coast Brian Stoehr / Colin Herlihy Wave Riding School lessons / instruction of any kind hereby known as the “lesson”. In participating in the lesson I agree that I may inspect the lesson site prior to use by myself, my son or daughter or charge and assure myself that the area is safe for any type of wave riding including, but not limited to the use of surfboards, bodyboard, stand up paddle, skimboard). In participating in any activity in which I or my minor child will use the equipment obtained from K-Coast, Inc. or Stoehr Companies, LLC, I agree I should fully inspect the equipment prior to taking possession of the equipment to assure myself it is in good working order paying attention to all aspects of the equipment, including, but not limited to the leash (leg rope), fins, general condition and density of the board. I will not participate or allow my son or daughter or charge to participate in the lesson unless I am satisfied with the area and conditions are safe for surfing, bodyboarding, skim boarding, SUP or other not mentioned purposes. I fully understand and comprehend the dangers of the wave riding activities use created by the sharp edges and fins, use of leg rope or leash (if in use), use of wax or traction along with the natural buoyancy of a board when they are acted upon by the powerful forces of the ocean and/or bay and ocean and/ or bay waves. I am aware of the aforementioned dangers associated with these lessons and am expressly assuming the risk in participating and/or allowing my minor child to participate. In exchange for K-Coast, Inc and Stoehr Companies, LLC’s acceptance of my lesson participation, I voluntarily assume all risk incident to surfing, bodyboarding, SUP, skimboarding or other not mentioned use. With full knowledge, comprehension and understanding of these dangers, I voluntarily accept and assume all risk involved in the participation of the K-Coast Brian Stoehr / Colin Herlihy Wave Riding School Lessons. I will further comply with all lesson rules and regulations; noting existing weather conditions and do agree that I voluntarily assume all risk arising from conditions related to the use of the lesson site by myself and others. I intend to be legally bound, hereby, for myself, my children, my heirs, executors and administrators, to hold harmless release and forever discharge K-Coast, Inc, K-Coast, Properties, OC Hitchens Avenue LLC, The Town of Ocean City Maryland, Worcester County Maryland, Stoehr Companies, LLC and all 2016 K-Coast Brian Stoehr / Colin Herlihy Wave Riding School Lessons sponsoring agencies, their members, instructors and agents from all liabilities for injuries and damages whatsoever, arising from my participation in the lesson and do herby grant K-Coast, Inc. and Stoehr Companies, LLC such release as described herein. I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand all of the above terms.

By participating in these lessons I am affirmatively stating that I am or my child or charge is an able swimmer. By clicking this box I accept all terms and certify that I am at least 18 years of age or by clicking you certify that you are the parent or guardian of the above name lesson participant and have the ability to enter into agreements on their behalf.

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